Implant Direct

We can restore your smile using non-surgical Implant Direct System, that look and feel like your natural teeth. During implant placement, anchors are placed in the bone. These anchors provide support and stability and reduce bone loss. A replacement tooth is attached to the anchor. Implants improve biting and chewing function.

They also improve your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Dr. Sungaila is certified to work with this system, which enables general practitioners to provide natural-looking dental implants without a dental surgeon.

The non-surgical titanium implant is different because it completely integrates into the jaw bone to secure an adequate foundation for crowns.

Placing the implant is a quick and painless procedure, while the precision procedure is performed with a local anesthetic. No sutures or surgery flaps are required. Two months after the implant is placed, the new crown or abutments are cemented into the implant.

When a crown is cemented to the post, it is fabricated in the lab, so it looks and feels like a natural tooth, and matches your existing teeth. Implants can also be utilized to stabilize and secure full dentures with the help of special attachments.

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